We have extended the application deadline to 8th of October!

Application Deadline Extended!

Great News!
First of all, Thank you for your best effort to fill up the application before the deadline and we have well received all of your applications. Great News is, we have decided to open an application form until 8th October. We will announce the Teams on October 9th as we promised. Have a great Thadingyut Holidays and looking forward to see you all at the Hackathon!

Hackathonပြိုင်ပွဲအတွက် သတင်း​ကောင်းတစ်ခုအ​နေနဲ့ပြိုင်ပွဲ​လျှောက်လွှာ​ဖောင်ပိတ်ရက်ကို​ နောက်ထပ် ၂ရက် ထပ်မံတိုးမြင့်လိုက်ပါပြီ။
ယခင်​ဖောင်ပိတ်ရက် မတိုင်ခင် အမြန်ဆုံးဖြည့်သွင်း​ပေးခဲ့ကြ​သော ပြိုင်ပွဲဝင်သူများ၏ application ​ဖောင်များကိုလည်း လက်ခံ ရရှိခဲ့သည့်အတွက် ​ကျေးဇူးအထူးပင်တင်ရှိပါတယ်
ဖောင်ပိတ်ရက် ကိုလည်း ​အောက်တိုဘာလ ၈ ရက်​နေ့အထိ ​​​ပြောင်း​ရွှေ့လိုက်ပါတယ်
ပြိုင်ပွဲဝင်ခွင့် ရရှိသူစာရင်းကို​တော့ ယခင်​ပြောကြားထားသကဲ့သို့ ​အောက်တိုဘာလ ၉ ရက်​နေ့မှာပဲ ​ကြေညာ​ပေးမှာ ြဖစ်ပါတယ်။
​ပျော်ရွှင်စရာ သီတင်းကျွတ် အားလပ်ရက်ကို
ဖြတ်သန်းရင်း Hackathon 2019 ပြိုင်ပွဲမှာ ​တွေ့ဆုံကြဖို့ ​မျှော်လင့်​နေပါတယ်။

What is

the Hackathon?

The Hackathon 2019 is a two-and-a-half day coding & entrepreneurship competition that invites young software developers/ engineers, designers and business minds to present their solutions to challenges faced by Myanmar in one of the three themes 1. Rural Development, 2. Education and 3. Climate Change. Each team will choose a creative set of   Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that can be achieved by the team’s prototype for an innovative mobile application & business model with a positive social impact.

*Note: This opportunity is for Myanmar Citizens only!

The Hackathon 2019: Challenge!

The Challenge


Rural Development




Climate Change


with special focus on
Gender Equality

The Hackathon 2019: Venue & Date


Yangon – 24th Floor, Ooredoo Head Office, Myanmar Plaza

Mandalay – No (19), 35th Street, Between 54th & 55th Street, Mahar Aung Myay Township, Ooredoo Head Office



Day 1 – 4 pm, Friday, 18th October, 2019

Day 2 – 8 am, Saturday, 19th October, 2019

Day 3 – 8 am, Sunday, 20th October, 2019


Which level is for you?

  • Do you have no or little experience in developing products/services using mobile applications, or
  • Are you under age 24, or
  • Are you a student?
  • Apply for Junior Level!
  • Do you already have some experience in developing products/services using mobile applications, or
  • Did you previously compete in any Hackathon, or
  • Are you a founder of a startup?
  • Apply for Advanced Level!

NOTE: If you’ve met one of the criteria mentioned above, please apply from the respective level. Also, Click here to see general criteria…

Are you a Student?

No Problem! Seize the following career & professional development opportunities!

  • Enhance your employ ability by gaining the product/service development experience
  • Supercharge your personal branding through resume reviews and recommendation letters
  • Get recognised for your work via articles & videos with boosted exposure through social media
  • Enjoy priority access to partner internships and full-time opportunities
  • Be part of a ground-up youth community & Get in touch with industry insiders
  • Build your professional and global networks in various disciplines

Eligibility Rules

  • Must not represent any established company
  • Must have at least one team member with app development background (software developer/engineer)
  • Must not use any pre-programmed application for the competition
  • Minimum 2 people; Maximum 4 people per team (We encourage you to have least one female team member. If you are not sure about your team, don’t worry – Impact Hub Yangon can match for you! You will have a chance to talk to other attendees and form a team.)

Hackathon Winning Prizes



Up to 60 Lakhs per team

Three winning teams



Up to 30 Lakhs per team

Three winning teams

Winner’s Commitment

  • After the Hackathon, winners are committed to produce actual products/services and launch their application in the market by developing their ideas/prototypes through the Incubation Program (4-6 months).
  • In addition to the planned period, Impact Hub Yangon will continue its support throughout the 3-month post-program period, providing the winners with business coaching, business match making, mentoring, training and capacity building.

Judging Criteria




Business Plan


Impact, SDGs & Others

We Want YOU!

If you’d like to join, fill out the registration form below and submit it online to our Review Committee. Any application not meeting the eligibility rules will be rejected. Successful candidates will be contacted via email. The Hackathon 2019 will accept applications until the 4th of October, midnight (Yangon time). Spots are limited, so apply early.

Last Year,

The Hackathon 2018

In December 2018, Ooredoo Myanmar and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Myanmar organized the nation’s first Hackathon with the objective of promoting innovation and entrepreneurship with a social impact that can help implement SDGs. Out of more than 100 participants (37 teams), three winning teams, two from Yangon and one from Mandalay, were awarded with the grand prize and access to the incubation program, which helped them turn their ideas into actual products and bring them into the market. Meet the winners here.

09 269 378 30, 09 951 585 998